Night Sky Silhouette Actions

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I think everyone noticed how impressive looking photo with the silhouettes against the starry sky, so mysterious and majestic! But it seems that these photos need an expensive camera, special equipment, and experience of a professional photographer.

But now you have the opportunity to get such a gorgeous result from ordinary photos taken on a light background (sky, wall, studio background). Just doing a photo on your camera or even your smartphone so that a person or object was underexposed, and the background was bright. The rest of the processing is done in a few clicks with the help of this product!

What you get:

⭐ 20 Milky way 4000х2700 px

⭐ 18 Northern lights 4000х2700 px

⭐ 15 Lightning 4000х2700 px

⭐ 5 Stellar traces 4000х2700 px

⭐ 6 Galaxy 4000х2700 px

⭐ 20 Starry sky 4000х2700 px

⭐ 17 PNG extras (bats, birds, moon, mountains, trees)

⭐ Action file with step-by-step instructions

⭐ User Guide.pdf

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